Development Activities

Women Development Cell

We had set up a Women Development Cell in the Head Office of our Bank with the support of NABARD to facilitate planning and ensure increased credit flow to women, on a sustainable basis. Under the Cell we have introduced 4 deposit scheme and 3 Loan scheme Collectively know as “VANITHASHREE” to create a gender friendly banking environment.

Deposit Scheme
  • Kanakanidhi
  • Vidyajyothi
  • Manghalyanidhi
  • Vanithanidhi
Loan Schemes
  • Mahilamithra
  • Mangalyasoothra
  • Saghadeepthi

Karshakashakthi Awards

Being an effort to promote farmers under Agriculture and allied Sector in the district, we have instituted awards for the best farmers of the different category:

  • Best Paddy Farmer
  • Best Vegetable Farmer
  • Best Mixed Farmer
  • Best Diary Farmer

For which we have constituted an expert committee where in Asst. General Manager, NABARD is also a member among other state Govt. Department heads in the district

Credit Counselling and Livelihood Promotion Centre (Changathi)

We have constituted a Credit Counselling and Livelihood Promotion Centre at our Head Office with the financial assistance from NABARD to educate rural people with regard to various financial products and service available and to make the people aware of the advantages of being connected with the formal financial sector and also to provide face to face financial counselling service to poor uneducated customers

Farmers Club

Farmers Club is informal group consists Rural People and Bank constituted by NABARD in 1982 to discuss and communicate the technologies and financial assistance to Rural Farmers. NABARD support and finance the club members who are hard working and genuine in loan repayment. Genuine customers of the Bank shall be the members of the club and no registration is required to form the Club.

Main object of the Farmers Club
  • Arrange environment to the Farmers to discuss their problems and get awareness in new programmes and technologies, credit facility, repayment systems etc.
  • Encourage the relation between farmers and Bank and provide more services and Opportunities to bring them together, market of their products, social services, etc.

Club Name Controlling Branch

Jawahar Farmers Club, Peringome


Thayineri Farmers Clu, Thayineri

Payyannur Evening

Vellachal Farmers Club, Makreri

Chakkarakkal Evening

Mambaram Farmers Club, Pathiriyad

Mambaram Main

Kandomthar Farmers Club, Kadannappalli


Kaniyan Farmers Club, Kaniyan, Karivellur

Payyannur Main

Kankol Farmers Club, Kankol

Payyannur Main

Ramanthali Farmers Club, Ramanthali

Payyannur Main

Central Farmers Club, Vellur


Pratheeksha Farmers Club, Panappuzha


Mahathma Farmers Club, Vayakkara


Priyadarshini Farmers Club, Pallikkunnu

Kannur Evening

Haritha Farmers Club, Kattacheri


Mahadeva Farmers Club, Payyannur

Payyannur Evening

Kadoor Farmers Club, Kadoor


Mahathma Farmers Club, Muzhappala

Chakkarakkal Evening